Alaskan Cedar Shingles are an excellent choice for siding because of their long-lasting durability and strength.927 The straight form of this light yellow wood makes it ideal for a number of home improvement projects. In addition to its aesthetically pleasing design, Alaskan Cedar Shingles dry quickly, work easily and perform well in any condition. While pre-stained siding is one option, the natural oils in the cedar shingles make them ideal for an unfinished look as well.
One of the benefits of Alaskan Cedar Shingles is that they turn an attractive light silver grey when left untreated. However, a preservative treatment is often applied to these shingles to extend their life. Speaking with one of our siding contractors can help you gain a wealth of information about the many benefits of having these shingles installed on the exterior of your home.

When you put your Alaskan Cedar Siding project in our hands, you can rest assured that we purchase and ship only high-quality Alaskan Cedar Shingles for best results. We also bring in our own equipment to clean out debris and waste so that we may leave your property in top condition upon job completion.

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